Eison Triple Thread FITS

Smart service to help people find best looks and clothes.


San-Francisco-based online fashion house Eison Triple Thread is a company that want to reimagine men's made-to-measure clothing. Company uses cutting edge technology to fit bodies of various shapes and sizes. But despite using best cloth market has to offer and working with skillful craftsmen Eison Triple Thread stay honest with it's clients.

“We believe luxury should not be defined by traditional notions of exclusion and alienation, but rather by innovation, dynamism and inclusion.”

To help people find a way to reflect their identity and lifestyle in their clothing, Julian Eison, founder of ETT came up with the idea of a service that can analyze users lifestyle, music preferences etc. to deliver suggestions on their fashion. Julian asked me if I want to design this project, and I was more than happy to help.


Idea of "Honest Luxury" was a determination factor in choosing visual style for this project. Design should be simple, modern, without unnecessary ostentatious elements. We went through a couple of ideas, but overall aesthetic was set right off the start.

ETT uses Gotham and Futura for their branding. Fututra makes headings clean while providing some character and Gotham supports this with nice and steady paragraphs.



Since this project was an MVP, we needed to build first version without going in-depth and polishing every button. Julian made nice wireframes showing user flow and ideas behind every screen.

I always keep in mind how my designs would behave on mobile screens when designing. But this project, being and MVP needed to be simple and easy to develop. I designed FITS in a way that requires almost no changes, except for font sizes to look good on any screen.

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